Before the internet, most of the content relating to Female Domination was being printed out of New York. However, 100% of the material was in truth, only catering to the male imagination or in other words, to the version the male created in his own mind on how Female Domination was supposed to develop.

Of course, since it was proven in psychology that the male mind is focused on sex every minute of the day, we can easily conclude that the male version of Female Domination would be perverted just as its source. Furthermore, the entire lifestyle would be linked to some type of sexual deviation. This is unmistakably noticeable in the art of Sardax and the myriad of illustrations designed by other fetishists characters who are involved in flooding the web with their work hoping we digest the same cuisine they do.

But all these good submissive boys who spend their entire free time promoting the virtues of Female Domination quickly espouse the behavior of bees after the knocking down of a hive when they hear about a Female declaring herself to be a Findom.



Ok. Go ahead, label yourself a Findom and see what happens.

Yes! Yikes, you better run or they will get you. You will be bombarded like Germany was during World War 2.

In the beginning, the internet was not a very useful personal tool:

Nevertheless, slowly but steady, we could see all the content dealing with Female Domination crawling from the New York underground printing Press over to the web. Unfortunately, the narration was geared towards social engineering and designed to keep Female Domination associated to sexual deviations.

It took years, but finally the writings of Elise Sutton suddenly started Popping up every time someone typed Female Supremacy in Google.

In my opinion, Elise Sutton’s writings still didn’t steer Female Domination to its proper destination, but it was a step in the right direction and her narration did take some distance from sexual deviation.

Evolution is a long process, if we are sitting on a beach looking let’s say at LE ROCHER PERCÉ and waiting for the hole get bigger. Ya! I guess one will be sitting there for a very long time without even noticing a difference of an inch. But, the hole did get bigger during this past generation.

Well the same is true For Female domination. The evolution was slow, but finally Jessyka Power appeared on the scene. Jessyka Power can truly be called the Mother of Findom. Although some fetishists claim Jessyka is really an old fat man living in his mother’s basement, nonetheless, the character can still be labeled as the founder of Findom.

What made an impact on the scene was the article called the Game, written by Jessyka Power.

To make a point, I borrowed this following excerpt from the article:

Female domination is not a game in which men surrender their power to a Dominatrix for an hour or two and then, when the session is over, these same men go back to their normal lives as Masters of their homes and rulers of society.

That is called fantasy fulfilment and it has nothing to do with female empowerment. Female domination is about who will rule this planet in the future. It is not about role playing. It is not a temporary exchange of power but a permanent one. It is a total power takeover.

The creation of the Dominatrix is a scam. It is an invention of man, a subtle projection, the reversal of roles and we only discover its roots by pointing to the most obvious clue, the Lady dressed in black leather wearing a strap-on.

Since the beginning of time, man not only wanted women as sex objects, they actually wanted women to be facsimiles. Placing the female on a pedestal has nothing to do with Femdom, we must discern the difference, a pedestal did appear in the scene, but it was a sexual one, not one of authority. Man did not want the female to hold true supremacy, so the creation of a skeleton on which sexual dominance could be painted became necessary.

Simply put, Jessyka is saying that Females should hold all position of power on earth. Hence, this would fall in the category of Politics. According to this reasoning, the world will not witness true Female Domination until this is achieved.

Ok that is true, but it is also a lot of frigin work. Becoming the President of a country or a 5 Star General is not as easy as cooking French fries. It takes years of study and then like all jobs wherein lots of responsibilities are attached to an office, very long hours are also part of the picture.

Nonetheless, the logic of Jessyka sheds a new spot light on the topic. This is a total breakaway. There is not one ounce of fetishism tied to her philosophy. According to her, Women belong at the Round Table planning the future of Female Supremacy. Heck! She is probably behind the manufacturing of all these male chastity devices. Who the heck knows.

However, what about lazy Women, those who just want to sit on the beach all day, enjoying a glass of Champagne while watching tight asses go by. Ya!

What about them?

Those who want to be spoiled but want men to do all the work and the studying for them.

Well I believe that the writings of Elise and Jessyka were a contribution to Female Supremacy, but we have to take the power of the Female to another level.

It is time to establish true Female Supremacy and bring this power back to the times of the plantations when slaves were born or captured to produce profit for the owners, except the modern version will be tied to gender instead of race.

Yes it is time for Women to sit on their asses and enjoy life while men slave at their jobs all day long.

However, those who want to Surf the Lazy Findom wave will have to participate in a serious deprogramming campaign.

The first step of this crusade would be I suppose, to offer Webster’s definition of domination:

Definition of domination
1: supremacy or preeminence over another
2: exercise of mastery or ruling power
3: exercise of preponderant, governing, or controlling influence
4: dominations plural : dominion 3

Fundamentally, there is undoubtedly no connection to sexual deviation in the foregoing account. Domination has nothing to do with sucking on huge black dild…, being fu…in the bum or golden showers.

As you can see, domination is about Power and there are only two ways to have power. In ancient times starting around the time of Melchizedek:

There was something known as tithing. Tithing permitted a group to have power. Of course when we refer to Melchizedek, we are only giving the example of the Priest Class who had the responsibility to manage the funds workers set aside for charity, which for thousands of years was set to 10% if ones income.

But this website is not an educational undertaking designed to give importance to ancient history. I only wanted to take a moment to draw attention to tithing, as it was the first and non violent way to achieve power on earth. You convince enough people to give 10% of their earnings, and at the end of the week, one has a delicious sum at her disposal. Naturally, I am pretty sure that back then, tithing was coupled with righteous intentions.

The second way to achieve power on earth is to raise an army and then send your soldiers to terrorize the masses until they surrender much more then 10%. This Machiavellian system is currently in operation and two forces are competing for power, the Governments vs. The Mafia.

But how did society manage to raise enough funds to raise armies?

Well, we can see this type of power evolving in the original movie THE MAGNIFICENT 7, starring Charles Bronson. This motion pictures contains all the psychology one needs to understand structural power.

Now by covering the two ways to achieve power, one can effortlessly deduce that to have Power, one needs Money. Consequently, if someone is typing Female Domination in Google, he is essentially looking for a Female who DOMINATES. Now going back to Webster’s definition of Domination which is RULING POWER, we arrive at the formula.


So which method of raising funds will the Findom use?

Will she raise an army?


That is too much frigin work and one would have to deal with alpha men all day long.

The right approach is Findom education. A school dedicated in teaching men that there will never be an answer to their Google Search (Female Domination) if they keep complaining and going into tantrums every time they land on the website of a FINDOM.