Skype sessions are 100 US Dollars.

This allows you to chat with me on skype for an hour.

You will make no demands
You will not see me naked
Spending money on me gives you no rights at all

I offer TOTAL control:

Long Term Slavery contract

Power of Attorney

Transfer of Estates

Transfer of Pensions

My specialty of course is Wallet Rape


There are only a few real Dominant Women in this world, so you will have to wait in line until I have time to reply.

Sessions are fine, but findom has to lead to something concrete
Personal goals and ambitions for my Country.

Personal goal:

I want to live in a very large house with many male slave/servants. I want to have breakfast in bed every morning. So I will need at least 5 cooks and out of these five, two will have to leave the kitchen with the same equipment hotels provide for room service, once in Mistress Chambers, one slave will walk to the right side of the bed and the other to the left, wearing mandatory white gloves, each slave will serve me different trays. They will stand at attention and wait until Mistress has finished her meal.

Meanwhile, another slave will be preparing my bath water at just the right temperature and as soon as I finish eating, the slaves who are standing at attention will help me get out of bed and escort me to the tub.

They will then go back to the bedroom in order to change the bed sheets, as Mistress wants clean sheets every time she steps out of bed. This can be four times a day.

While Mistress is bathing, additional slaves will be preparing my clothes, because Mistress will always be going out to the gym, shopping, fine dining and for late night entertainment.

While Mistress is enjoying life, slaves will have to make sure the entire house is kept spotless. Slaves will also be taught lucrative skills and will work either from home or in one of my future business.

Slaves will also have to learn Victorian service protocols. For example, how to be a perfect butler or how to properly set a table for my guests and family. If slaves are stubborn and corporal punishment is required, slaves must take whippings ditched out by me or any other Female holding authority under me without any resistance.

Slaves will have to sign contracts of servitude. Nothing under 20 years will be accepted. However! There can be exceptions if slaves are 70 years or older. In this case, older slaves will have to sign contracts which states that after death, all belongings goes to the Queen. Younger slaves starting at age 20 will probably work for free in one of my businesses since they are stronger and have more energy. Younger slaves will be kept in chastity for their first 20 years period and will never be allowed to date Females.

In my Queendom, the daily routine of a slave will consist of 8 hours of non-profitable chores, like house cleaning, cooking, maintenance and so on. Then another 8 hours of moneymaking activity, like needlework/sewing, ending with 8 hours of sleep.

All income generated under my authority will be entirely mine to keep with no possibility of future lawsuits on behalf of slaves. Mistress will use this money for investment, luxury and a life of extreme pleasure.

Welcome to slavery boys.

As for ambitions for my country, I really want to make the Philippines The Findom capital of the world. A Sovereign zone wherein all these Billionaires who have exploited my race to the point where nets have to be placed around buildings to prevent suicides, can be punished.

Since I do not have an army at my disposal to go arrest these demonic souls, the entire scheme will be resting on self-punishment. Yes! The profiteers will need to come forward and beg for punishment and forgiveness.

Where will the culprits serve there sentences?


Well I am thinking of purchasing 10 Million Square feet of Land in the Philippines. Of course the acquisition will be funded by the guilty in question.

This patch of land will be the footing of a Femdom prison. A detention centre where real sentences can be pronounced. The entire complex will be managed by Females. Women carefully selected from slave labour conditions who are simply drooling over the idea of locking up these male monsters.

So if you are a Billionaire who needs discipline, feel free to provide the necessary funding, the planning, the execution of the project and your ideas on how you think you should be chastised.

Send your ideas to