This message aims at all those who claim to be slaves, want to be slaves, pretend to be slaves by attempting to TOP from the bottom, thinking no one can discern their scheme. It also targets all those who are curious about the alternative lifestyles and those who have sank into perversion to the point of losing their identity.


Now in order to introduce myself, I need to take a quick pause.


Ok! My name is slave michel. I have been the property of Queen Chie for approximately 2 years now and I hope the Queen never decides to dismiss me.


Who knows, maybe one day she will marry a jealous man and the individual will go into a tantrum over the fact that the Queen is a slave owner and we all know how alpha male pressure can alter the outcome of a situation. Nevertheless, in essence, the future is unknown territory, but sadly, way too many souls worry about it. Humans are supposed to live in the present, not the future.


What position do I hold in her Queendom?


My job is to maintain the website I created for her, recruit additional slaves and serve in a financial manner when funds are available.


How did I meet Queen Chie?


I had a profile on collarspace for about 8 years. Over the years, I had contacted many Dommes and a few contacted me. Nothing ever came out of my efforts through that site. Mainly, many would ask for money, but after asking for Cam evidence, the majority strangely disappeared. However, one day I received a message from Queen Chie, immediately requested Cam proof and to my surprise, Queen Chie appeared on Cam.


Oh my God, when slave michel (me) saw the eyes of Queen Chie, slave michel was hooked for life. I simply cannot look into her eyes without instantly wanting to drop to my knees in order to worship her feet.


Some slaves out there might want to reply:

“Slave michel, what is so special about her eyes?”

Well! That is like asking someone:

“What is so special about the Mona Lisa?”



Nobody really knows what the big deal is with the Mona Lisa, yet year after year, millions drool over the picture in silence trying to figure it out. The phenomenon is similar when I look into Queen Chie’s eyes, in my view; she is simply gifted by God with an immeasurable dose of magnetism, charisma or some other mysterious feature. One has to be pretty special to attract men like honey attracts bears.


As an experience slave, as a slave who has been around BDSM for almost 35 years now, I can honestly say that in my opinion, Queen Chie is the TOP QUEEN of the alternative lifestyle.




Because most Females who dive into BDSM are simply actresses and models. 99% work for the PORN industry, without surfing on speculation, I would be willing to bet that not one out of all those models really enjoy being served. They just do it for the money. Whereas, Queen Chie loves the idea of a Victorian Household wherein a ton of slaves are at her service 24/7.


Butlers, Cooks, Chauffeurs, Maids, Massage therapists and the list goes on. Oh! Do not get me wrong, Queen Chie loves money even more then all the models in question, because if you think about it, how the heck would a Queen be able to afford a Mansion fully staffed with servants.


All right! This pause as been long enough, time to carry on.


Mind-blowing disappointment is behind this letter. My 2 years recruitment endeavour has really set me off to a boiling state. I have probably sent over 10,000 messages to slaves all over social media and out of that number, not even four real slaves were secured. Can you imagine the odds?


That is insane.


Think about guys, millions of men put up profiles all over the web claiming they want to serve a Lady, or believe in Female Supremacy and all that crap. Then, if a Mistress asks a slave for money, they say no, if a Mistress gives an assignment, they say no, if a Mistress tells a slave to promote her website, the answer is still no.


Whatever the demand, the answer will always be no.

The entire scene can be described as follows:


“A surprising number of men who think of themselves as “submissive” are more concerned with catering to their own needs than those of their partner.  They think of female domination as a game or sexual positions.  This type of man will coerce his wife into catering to a porn fantasy she is not the least interested in, as she were merely his fetish vending machine.”

Unknown author


Ok boys, do you get the picture?


To all you slaves out there, you are not at all interested in serving a Queen, you are only interested in your own fetishes. You are looking for a fetish vending machine, oh and yes, this you are ready to spend for. In addition, knowing you are ready to spend for that, the Porn industry is all too happy to cater to your needs.


Slaves, this insanity must stop.

The bible states:

Know yourself.
That is the true purpose of life.


Therefore, if you have labelled yourselves as slaves, then maybe you have a true desire to serve, and serving a true Queen will not happen until you snap out of fantasy. True service/slavery is not a game. Just like marriage or having kids is not a game.


Queen Chie will not fall into your trap. She will not become your fetish vending machine. Do not get me wrong, Queen knows most of you out there are only chronic masturbators and she will take quick cash in order to help volcanoes erupt. That is not the point.


The whole point is, how in the heck can a Queen build an empire with slaves who only want to take take take and take?


A Queen is not supposed to work, not even supposed to lift even a finger in order to make her dreams come to reality.


Now Queen Chie has expressed her desire to own a Mansion and live happily ever after with a staff of loyal slaves.





You have to stop thinking of yourselves, you have to get out of your comfort zones, you have to shut off your TVs and focus on the Queen.


I am well aware of the fact that some people have no skills at all but this is ridiculous. Every time I give an assignment to a slave, the answer is no.


So if you want to be accepted into Queen Chie’s circle, you must step into action. If you cannot give cash, maybe you can write a letter, as I am doing right now. You have to sit down in silence and think of ways to improve the life of a Queen.


AT MINIMUM, as I did all the work myself by writing this letter, you can at least frigin share this letter on social media or on collarspace.


The only fact I am sending this letter in mass, will get me banned from collarspace, but unfortunately, that is the price to pay. However, if you also send this letter, then even if collarspace bans me, then the movement lives on, just like (les Gilets Jaunes in France) the power of the people should not be underestimated.



Can you give advice?
Can you build dungeon equipment?
Can you make whips?
Can you make masks?
Can you make dresses?
Can you draw?
Can you write?
Can you build websites?
Can you tribute?
Can you take pictures?
Are you good with social media?
Can you make videos?
Can you make logos?


Shit can you do something or are all of you simply brain dead?

Who is the creator of this site and why did he create it?

Greetings from Montreal

My name is slave michel, I am a white French Canadian man in his mid 50s born and raised in Montreal. I am the property of a Lovely Filipina Queen.

My Mistress is tiny in flesh, but for those who are attracted to dominant Females, Holy Smoke! This Lady is a combination of Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini and what the hell, let us throw Pinochet in there as well.

Ok! The foregoing revelation might scare lots of you submissive boys away, nevertheless true submissive men need to feel that the Lady they serve is not just pretending to be dominant because there is good money attached to Female Domination, they need to feel Domination is in her blood or encoded in her DNA. My Mistress does love the money that comes with the lifestyle of course, but she Loves Power more than money and that makes her as Precious as Diamonds.

So how did I meet this Female Dictator?

Well, I had the following profile resting on an alternative site since 2006:

Masochist cuckold would like to meet a Lady who would have for future project something similar to my ideology.

I am very excited by the idea of serving a Lady financially, but as a working class slave, my income is not enough to make an impact in the life of a Mistress. The main purpose of financial slavery is to be able to maintain a Lady in high society, so she can go on dates and enjoy fine dining whenever she wishes or travel with lovers and friends.

This can be possible if a Lady marries a very rich man of course, but let’s face it, extremely wealthy men are rare and most men who have reached financial success are not usually men who give their money away to Women, but more Exceptionally frugal individuals.

Just look at the life of Warren Buffet, he has been saving pennies since age 10.

So I figure that the only way for slaves to rise a Lady into high class is for them to team up, live under one roof and then the group income can be put into one account managed by the Mistress of the house.

The advantage for a Lady is that, not only would she have many sources of income at the root, she would also save money on maids, repair, home maintenance and all the cost related to simply living.

Since the slaves would handle all chores in their free time, a simple working class income is now worth more because of the savings attached to man power.

With time, the living quarters would get much bigger and the Boss Lady could have her total privacy in upper floors while the slaves share a small room.

So basically, that is what I would like for the future

Through these years, the profile did attract a few Findoms, but when I asked for Cam verification, most never replied because they were probably men. Suddenly, I received a message from a Filipina who was not at all worried about Cam verification. Consequently, her cam went on and I was immediately drawn to her eyes just like tourists flying to Italy are attracted to the Sistine chapel.

The narrative style of the profile in question does reveal a man who has a penchant for Financial Domination, micro management and total control. Therefore it does not take a genius to figure out that only a True Findom would be attracted to the ideal conveyed and would take the steps to make happen by contacting me.

After some discussion, it is clear that my Mistress wants to be the Head Mistress of Victorian Poly Family and she has given me the responsibility to make it happen:

My Mistress has given certain orders.

I am to find her a rich husband in either USA or Canada. She has promised to keep me as her cuck and 24/7 maid when I find the husband in question. 

I am to find additional slaves, who are willing to provide the funding that will make all this possible.

I must build her a website

Find the funds to relocate her to Canada

PS: My Mistress does speak English, but she still needs a slave to help her with English, so I have taken this responsibility. But like dating sites are not responsible for what happens after members meet, I am not responsible of what will happen after you contact my Mistress. I live in Montreal and she lives in Cebu, so I have no idea on how she will treat you. I am a Christian and I do not approve of any wrong doing, so it is up to all slaves to remove themselves from any situation where they can be asked to participate in illegal activity, hurt children or everything else our Lord would disapprove of. The rules of BDSM will always be: