+63 915 886 5897

+63 915 886 5897

+63 915 886 5897

Before you contact me, make sure you have saved enough money for a tribute. The time of a Goddess is very precious. I could be dining in a Luxurious Restaurant, I could be spending time on a Beautiful Beach. But I have to stop everything I’m doing just because you claim you want to be my slave ? No, no, no, you have to prove your devotion with a 100 dollars US tribute.

But a Tribute is still not enough, if you contact me without a plan, then what is the point ?

Make sure you have pondered a very long time on a vision of your future as a servant. What can you offer me ? Can you build a website ? Can you write ?

  • You must intentionally and willfully decide you want to serve and help people. Something happens when your heart gets changed, where you can serve the needs of others. Foot washing modeled that. Serving starts in the heart and involves doing. But at the end of the day, serving is a choice that you must make.

The satisfaction of service submission is often combined with the pleasures of fetishes, the pleasures of humiliation, or both. A submissive may rub his or her dominant’s feet because the sub enjoys providing the service, has a foot fetish, enjoys being “lower” than the dominant, or any combination.

In BDSM, service-oriented submission (or sometimes servitude) is the performance of personal tasks for a dominant partner, as part of a submissive role in a BDSM relationship.[1] The submissive is sometimes said to be in service to the dominant. Service-oriented submission is part of a spectrum of submissive behaviors, and not all submissives are service-oriented.[2]

In domestic service roles, the submissive can receive pleasure and satisfaction from performing services for their dominant, such as serving as a butler, waitress, chauffeur, maid or housekeeper.[1] Many derive satisfaction from being focused on the needs of another, rather than themselves.[3]