BDSM a branch of psychology?

When I was young, the internet did not exist and the church was very powerful in Quebec. Now of course, those who really needed the help of any church quickly found out that religion is a frigin scam to collect cash. As George Carlin once stated:

“God always needs money.”

I mean, how many times did I see a homeless man begging at the door of a church completely ignored, while supposedly believers give to the church instead of giving to the person who really needs it. Now in a normal world, yes perhaps people could give cash to the priest considering the homeless could be addicted to alcohol and it would be best is the cash is managed by someone who is more in control, but we all know that the Vatican did not end up with Pure Gold items because they were giving the money to those who need it. Actually, a friend a mine who passed away, was financing a charity and he admitted they only gave money to a few people who appear on cam once in a while just to show the organisation in question is legit.

What does this have to do with BDSM, you may ask?

Well! People are not stupid, they know that if you cannot trust the Churches in one department, you cannot trust them for anything else, right?

In other words, religious people always pretend to be perfect, while the whole point of religion in the beginning was like psychology is today. But much better. It is recorded that when the masses went to meet John the Baptist, they did so to confess their sins in public.

In reality, the whole scene describes the struggle all humans go through. We all have inner Fantasies, some darker than others and we all need someone who will listen without judgement. But who can we trust? Certainly not the Churches. Therefore, did the distrust cause the herd to move from Church to Dungeons?

The religious setting I mentioned earlier, should have allowed me to discuss my fantasies. Back then, they were very simple and would have fallen into a sort of (fandom) arrangement or category. But I could not do that, because a man admitting he wanted to serve a female was simply something one could not do. In America, the state of affairs have evolved and this is not the case anymore, in many other countries dominated by Islam or other Patriarchal societies, the MO remains the same.

There is however, a huge difference between the deep understanding of the early Christians movement and BDSM today. This is where discernment is required. Psychology agrees that every human wears a mask. Fine! But all those who celebrated Halloween surely remember they also could not wait to get home to take the damn masks off. So we agree, the mask must momentarily come off. Although we need deep understanding without judgement, we do not want to reveal our darkest secrets to someone who will use that information to destroy us.

I was not present at when John The Baptist was doing his rituals, but I can certainly use my imagination to recreate the whole scene.

Sissy: “Hello John! My name is Sissy, and I have heard you are a person who listens without judgement.

John: “Yes I am son, what is bothering you?”

Sissy: “Well John, you see, since I was very young, I always have these fantasies wherein a Lady tortures me, whips me hard.”

John: “Yes son, I understand, that is actually quite normal.”

Sissy: “Really John?”

John: “Of course son, do you know how many men come to me to admit they seek to be abused?”

Sissy: “No John, I thought I was the first.”

John: “Ha ha ha, your funny, no no no, it is quite common.”

Sissy: “Well what do I do John?”

John: Well! I guess you have tow options right?”

Sissy: “What do you mean John?”

John: “Well! You either pursue the path of abuse or illumination.”

Sissy: “Hmm! What if the craving for abuse is so powerful it leaves me no choice but to choose abuse?”

John: “Well son, every man is free to choose his own path, but remember son, some roads lead to total destruction.”

Of course this is a Hollywood style reconstruction of the past, but you get the picture. The point was probably to Keep the focus on (listening without judgement) then slowly guiding the person to some sort of healing.

BDSM today is the complete opposite. It started as Safe/Sane and consensual, and as been infiltrated by psychos who want to destroy souls instead of uplifting them.

In conclusion, I believe that BDSM should become a recognised branch of psychology. Psychologists would study BDSM at University and all would be more open. This would mean a safer scene.

Dr. Dawn Michael

Is sort of doing that as we speak, she listens and tries to give people a way to balance between real life and fantasy, but not with the goal of total destruction of the person, like it is the case today.

I mean after watching tons of BDSM content on Xham… and so on, we clearly see that the scene has become truly dangerous.