In the foregoing clip, Jack Nicholson tells a smart ass lawyer:


But what truth is Jack talking about?

Simply! Jack is telling his snobbish audience that the free world only exist because soldiers are standing on a wall to protect it. Of course this can be a real wall like it was the case with Old Fort Henry in Ontario Canada, or it can be a fictional wall protected by intelligence. In other words, we all remember the Berlin wall which was a factual wall, but after it came down, a fictional wall still remained. NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was still spying on the East for incoming threats. For instance, if someone was purchasing material to build an atomic bomb, NATO would initiate an offensive move before that individual could cross the imaginary wall. On the other hand, blue collars were welcome because they were not labelled as a serious danger by the (all seeing eye).

Nevertheless, the truth Jack is talking about only concerns Top of the pyramid management, and yes I was anticipating your reaction:


Well your right, taken together, the entire (A Few Good Men) clip has nothing to do with BDSM, however there is a similarity of circumstances.

Whether you like it or not, the truth is applicable to all spheres of life. For example, many will say that alcoholics cannot escape addiction until they get up on stage and finally admit they have lost control. So again, in this situation, the truth would be the curative factor.

We can even turn the spotlight on marriage for a few seconds. Let us pretend a couple is on the verge of divorce and during Marriage Counselling, psychotherapy leads to a cheating disclosure. Again the truth would be the restorative dynamic.

What about gambling?

Owning Mahowny
A bank manager with: (a) gambling problem and (b) access to a multimillion dollar account gets into a messy situation. Based on the story of the largest one-man bank fraud in Canadian history.
Richard Kwietniowski

Well for this abovementioned illustration, no comment is necessary.

So what does all this babbling have to do with BDSM?


Instead of giving the right definition of BDSM as stated in the following link:

We should now state that BDSM means TOTAL INSANITY.

Let’s face it folks, no truth is hovering over BDSM anymore.


BDSM evolved out of the following axiom:
Know thyself

Which again, could be traced back to truth. Meaning that a soul after Psychoanalyzing itself has discovered it is excited by the idea of getting whipped, this soul used to be suddenly forced underground so to speak, because it came in conflict with society which was/is composed of 99% of souls who refuse to Psychoanalyze themselves and have grown way too comfortable wearing masks.

I formerly mentioned being excited by getting whipped, nonetheless, the visual aid in question is of course all-encompassing, it covers all secret desires we hide from others. Which brings us to the Grand finale, the objective of BDSM in its unconscious evolution, was suppose to bring about the yin-yang. It does not take a genius to figure out that if someone gets excited by the idea of getting whipped, that same individual will always be unconsciously searching for someone who gets excited by the idea of whipping flesh and thus, we arrive at finishing point, the yin-yang.

With this being said, we cannot discard the religious approach in matters of fetishes. Religion also deals with truth which often clashes with science’s ferocious claim to the empirical crown.

Religious conviction also stands on a solid footing; with thousands of adages like:
“You reap what you sow”

For instance, we all know liars will one day pay for all the lies they have spoken. Whereas science will argue the former cannot be proven, I will argue that wisdom is the library of truths which cannot be proven by science. We know instinctively that liars pay a price, in fact, that was the moral of the movie (Gossip) with Kate Hudson. So let me repeat myself, I believe it is an error to thrust aside the position of religion in matters of fetishes. That standpoint being the following:


Considering the above, we could not cast off this spiritual load even if we wanted to, because the essence of BDSM, is still


Now I must agree, if your fetish involves licking dirty boots or getting tortured without mercy, then I do not see what good will come out of your pursuit. It will certainly not help a Mistress as you will probably be in and out of hospitals for the rest of your life. A Queen needs and wants healthy slaves who can work very hard in order to generate income for her. After all, slavery is about producing wealth for slave owners, it is not about role play. Those who seek role play should move to Hollywood and become actors. Conversely and on a more positive tone, if your fantasy is to be a (maid) house cleaner, then I do not see why an individual should not hop over religious barriers. I mean Christ himself stated we should be slaves, although understanding this revelation alone, is a whole different ballgame. This does not mean that becoming a male maid is a way out or a (free ride), the role always remains the same for slaves, a source of income. Therefore, for those who seek to be maids, they will still have to pay monthly tributes to the Queen.

So running through this again, I’m using Jack telling his audience that they can’t handle the truth so that I can create a parallel between the clip in question and BDSM.


Because I believe that all of you BDSM practitioners also cannot handle the truth. And what truth would that be you may ask? Well you asked for it, so here goes. Instead of BDSM resting on the

Know Thyself footing

BDSM has now become the den of demons. Instead of leading to the yin-yang, it leads 99% of practioners to total destruction. The truth that you cannot handle is that 99% of you lifestylers are all pathological liars. And believe me, this is not simply an opinion, this declaration has been based on at least 30 years of observation. Being more in tune with what Jesus stated on the cross:

“Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”

No blame can really fall on the community because honest sheep have been under a coup d’état triggered by the PORN industry. You see, the Porn industry has been playing this game since world war 2.

And the tactic is responsible for millions of divorces. Basically, it floods the world with a distorted image of the truth. Regarding marriage, the PORN industry portraits matrimony as something resembling sexual drunkenness,
while according to Genesis:

(Genesis 2:24). Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and clings to his wife, and they become one flesh. Again we notice this (one) component, the yin-yang. So the expectation of the male regarding marriage is already twisted before he dives into the commitment. Instead of harmony, the male believes he is entering a brothel.

The same is true with BDSM.

The porn industry is promoting a perverted image of the Dominatrix. First of all, the term Dominatrix is disgusting to me. A good analogy would be thinking models are not Women because they walk down the runway during fashion shows. Believe or not, the elite really see these Women as objects, not Females. The same is true for the Dominatrix. The falsified interpretation of the Dominatrix promoted by the porn industry, is a Top Model who lives in a dungeon 24/7 wearing Black Leather and a strap-on and enjoys whipping the shit out of slaves. According to the porn industry, such Women never get sick, never get depressed, they do not get pregnant nor gain weight. They do not get old and I can go on and on but surely you get the picture by now. The point being, normal Women do not want to dress in Black leather and wear 6 inch heels all day. Heck most of them are simply very happy in pijamas. In other words, everybody in the lifestyle is sort of playing a game called role play. But is role play true Female Domination? No of course not. And can normal Women be naturally dominant? Of course they can. Many Ancient Native tribes were Matriarchal, but have been wiped out by patriarchy.

So the current state of affairs looks like this. The blind leading the blind unconsciously teamed up with the porn industry has created:

Pathological liars
Twisted images of the Dominatrix
Total insanity locked within a den of demons.

Let me be clear, the purpose of this communication is not to go over every facet of BDSM. The topic is way too broad to cover.

BDSM now includes:

Golden showers

The list goes on and keeps expanding.

Unfortunately, all these fetishes have nothing to do with true slavery.


My name is slave michel, I am the property of Queen Chie, a beautiful and strong Filipina Matriarch. A normal Lady who spends no time in the dungeon and loves to wear flip flops and pijamas. But please do not think that No time spent in the dungeon amounts to not being Dominant. My Queen is so dominant, one could say she is the embodiment of Domination. I am writing this letter to help my Queen recruit real slaves. Not pathological liars who claim to be slaves. The Queen has a lot of experience, she has heard it all.

Promises like:
Mistress I want to give you everything you want
Mistress I want to be your maid
Mistress I will do everything you say
Mistress I am a financial slave

Come on you little liars, you know you play the game. Because of your games and lies, true Matriarchs have left the scene for ever. Burnt out and completely exhausted. Little liars claim to be maids, but when a Lady orders a so called slave to clean her house, he never shows up. Those who claim to be financial slaves but disappear when asked to tribute. Strangely the entire male population of the world is (broke). Ya right. Well my Queen is fed up of lies and she will not waste time on recruitment anymore. That is why she is looking for recruiters. She has me but one slave alone does not have the same impact as 100. You get the picture right? My Queen is not a Dominatrix, she is a normal Woman who enjoys the idea of being served by many males. Queen Chie wants to live in a huge house with many servants. That means slaves will have to serve in front of family, friends, guests, lovers, kids and more. So if you have been programmed by the porn industry to hide in a dungeon for an hour, you need to snap out of it.

In my Queen’s Mansion, slaves will have to clean the house, cook and serve meals. Go get groceries on a regular basis. Slaves will contribute financially to the household. Contracts will be signed so that slaves cannot ask for their money back after years of service. Slaves will have to serve as butlers, chauffeurs, massage therapist, pedicure experts, laundry boys and the whole setting kit. Hey! If the Queen of England lived the lifestyle, then I do not see why Queen Chie cannot. Now I understand all you slaves out there have become zombies, but you need to snap out of fantasy land. What Queen Chie wants, Queen Chie will get. So it up to me and a large team of slaves to make this dream a reality for the Queen. We must break the grip of the porn industry and start taking care of the Few True Queens we have left in this world.

I am not talking about all the psychos out there and God knows there are many, just type the OWK and the ENGLISH MANSION in google.

Those are not Matriarchs, they wear the label:

Fetish vending machine