Are you one of those investors who made a fortune by buying stock in companies supporting slave labour?


Are you sure?

Do you have shares in:

Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, Honda, Kia, Toyota, GM, Walmart, Amazon

Well I will not name them all, but basically every company under the sun linked to technology is guilty. And what about the textile industries?

Oh? You never saw documentaries about sweatshops? Hmm! Bad boy. What about mining. Ever saw the movie Blood Diamond? Hmm! Really bad boy now. I hope you get the point.

Essentially, 99 percent of the 1% who rule the world are guilty of exploiting third world countries. Well this Filipina Queen is sending a clear message to the world:
I am putting a stop to the exploitation by switching the roles. Now all you Billionaires will submit to Filipina Power. It is time for all of you to pay for your sins.

The time of A STAR IS BORN is over.

Now we are in the time of A FINDOM IS BORN Start the wallet rape, contact me Skype:

There are an estimated 261,200 people in modern slavery in the Philippines—equivalent to 0.2655 percent of the entire population.

Modern slavery exists in the Philippines in all its forms. However, the issue of forced labor for Filipinos working abroad is a significant concern.

The most recent survey on overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) by the Philippine Statistics Authority suggests that one in every two Filipino women working abroad are unskilled and employed as domestic workers, cleaners, or in the service sector.

Asians being shipped in containers to certain countries. They are the slaves producing 90% of the commodities found in The West.
Did you know that most of our elites our into BDSM? Because of this, blackmail is affecting policies in all countries. Preaching to the perverted, the wild underground ride.
Are We all kinky? Is that what Hollywood was saying through the 1977 to 1984 series of Fantasy Island starring Ricardo Montalbán? Exit To Eden sure looks like its reinforcement to me.
From the pen that put the “M” in S&M comes this genre defining masterpiece of forbidden erotica. Obsessed and fascinated with a high society woman